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How to Find a Job (or how did I end up at Gensler?)

You can read many sources about how to get a job and grow your business. My story is just one of many. The business I’ll describe is an architectural, design and planning practice, started in 1965 by Art Gensler. The … Continue reading

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Autonomous Vehicles Are on Their Way

Cars that can drive themselves, using radar, LIDAR and other imaging devices will appear within the next five years.  The technology will allow them to follow a few feet behind one another, utilizing our roadways more efficiently and safely (93% … Continue reading

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Client Love Matters

Do your clients really love you . . . and do you love them? Something I learned a long time ago has to do with my relationship with my clients. If they love me and I love them, I’ll do … Continue reading

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The HOA Conundrum

Have you or any of your friends owned a condominium? If so, you have probably heard frequent complaints about the HOA (Homeowners’ Association), their fumbles with managing the building or, even worse, a lawsuit they have filed about construction defects … Continue reading

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Environmental Impact Leadership

A great deal has been written, and there has been significant hand-wringing, about America backing out of the Paris Climate agreement.  But, more than any other country, America –thanks to forward-thinking companies, professionals in our industries, and consumers themselves — … Continue reading

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Mixed-Use Urban Communities in Demand

We’re listening closely to the market desires for our West 2nd District Project here in Reno.  We’re observing some interesting trends relating to millennials and retirees. A significant number of new jobs, many of them with technology firms (e.g., Tesla, … Continue reading

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A Suggested Extension to the New Grand Strategy

After reading Ed Friedrichs’ blog post, “The New Grand Strategy,” I was inclined to email him and suggest a complementary extension of our “national strategic imperative.” Consider, if you will, an expanded definition of sustainability that focuses not just on … Continue reading

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Retaining Your Best People

Retention is a growing concern, fueled by lower unemployment rates and people seeking to improve their position or compensation.  It’s worth it to explore some of the reasons people develop a loyalty to their current firm..  If you want to … Continue reading

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Recommending “The New Grand Strategy”

My daughter was at a sustainability conference in Santa Clara, CA recently. She heard a talk by Mark (Puck) Mykleby describing his book, The New Grand Strategy –Restoring America’s Prosperity, Security and Sustainability in the 21st Century.  Knowing how well … Continue reading

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Where Will You Lead in 2017?

As I read the various architecture, interior design and engineering journals, I see many people, firms, principals and designers described as “leaders.” But I don’t see much evidence of where they’re leading, how they’re leading or what’s changed because of … Continue reading

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